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Top Beaches in Nikiti


Good thing about Halkidiki is that most of the beaches are public, featuring nice bar or tavern to cater frappe all day long. The list of best beaches in Sithonia is quite long, and they all have free area where you can put your own umbrella, or grab a drink and use the sunbeds on the beach. You will need a car to get to most of the beaches included in the list


  • Nikiti Beach 

Those are the beaches in the village of Nikiti - a long beach promenade, with a boardwalk, restaurants and bars. There is a marina on the north part of the beach harboring sailboats and yachts, classified as a "Blue Flag" Marina. The beach is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas, so there is no need to go far for anything. During peak season, Nikiti fills up with tourists, as the village is one of the most popular destinations in Sithonia. The south end of Nikiti beach has less development and less people, so you will find this part quieter. You can easily access Nikiti by car, just turn right on the traffic lights and continue straight until the beach. Great sunsets from the promenade. 



  • Trani Ammouda Beach 

Lichrohio Beach is the main beach at Ormos Panagias just north of the village. You can access the beach from the main road, heading north up a small hill, then turn righ, follow the road to the left, turn right and you reach the beach. It has a long and wide strip of fine white sand perfect for families with kids, but definitely not a party beach. You will find few beach bars that have sun-beds and umbrellas and plenty of free space to accommodate yourself on the beach. Quite and relaxing beach with no crowds even during peak season. 



  • Kalogria beach 

Located 5 km south of Nikiti, you will see a sign directing you to the right.  The beach is long and consists of good soft sand. Shallow and calm water perfect for water sports and great for children. During high season gets very crowded. 



  • Portokali Beach (Paralia Portokali)

Portokali or also called Kavourotripes, consists of many small beaches or small sand coves, spread over kilometers of coastline. The main beach is organized by a beach bar and is overcrowded with sun-beds and umbrellas, usually by 11am you won't be able to find an empty place. The water is extremely green-blue and very transparent, the sand is powdery soft. Snorkeling around the rocks is highly recommended. It also offers a great view of Mount Athos. Access to the beach is not easy. Be careful not to miss the signs to Portokali Beach. 


  • Lagonisi Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Hakidiki. Located just 2 km from Ormos Panagias on the way to Vourvouru, it is well marked and you will easily reach it. If you want to use the sun-beds, there is a fee of 10€ per person, or you can set your own equipment on the right side from the bar and pay an entrance fee of 5€ per person. The water is crystal clear, and because of that, the sand has a delicate, light blue color. The bay is more calm, protected from the wind because island Diaporos is located across. Over the weekend in gets very crowded, so it is best to visit it on weekdays and early in the morning, to find suitable place for your family.  


  • Karydi beach

Located on the Vourvouru bay of Sithonia, the beach is famous for its outstanding landscape. The deep green waters are very clear and shallow and the beachfront has several taverna with fresh seafood and traditional dishes. At the entrance to Karydi beach is a new restaurant called Melia. Access is easy, turn at Ekies resort and follow the road to the end. 


  • Rodia Beach Bar

Banana beach now goes by the name Rodia, located just 10 km south of Vourvouru. The beach is small, but very well equipped and organized. Surrounded by cliffs from 3 sides, which makes it a very quite and relaxing place. A wide green tree park before the beach, is just the right place to hide from the sun during afternoon hours and enjoy chill music. A fast food restaurant serves simple snacks like pizza. There are also toilets and showers. The water is very clean and we highly recommend it for families with children. What's not good about this place, is the drive down couple of kilometers on a dirt road. 

  • Kohi Beach

Located inside Porto Carras resort, the beach is well organized with a very popular beach bar, from where you can enjoy some vivid sunsets or just relax with a cocktail in your hand. Located south of the marina of Porto Carras with a perfect view to Neos Marmaras bay. Equipped with sun-beds and umbrellas, it has a plenty of free space to play on and the sea bottom is sandy and gradually gets deeper, which makes it suitable for children. 


  • Tigania Beach - the beach you have to visit at least once, while in Sithonia. This is the jewel of southern part of Sithonia. Less visited, only 10 umbrellas, but if you don't have your own, it's not bad to get there earlier. The bar serves excellent food in the afternoon and if you like to enjoy peace, you can stay here until the sunset. Located between the famous Kriaritsi and Klimataria, on the same day you can visit both of them or just have dinner at the famous restaurant "5 steps in the sand" on the beach of Limanaki in Sykia. 
  • Klimataria beach
  • Sarti Beach
  • Porto Koufo Beach